Tsunami T-Shirt 2004 (The Only 1 in the World)


SKU : TTS2004

I would like funds dressing to help and can i make to moving immediately when more disasters occur in the future (all forms of natural disasters). I think it's a waste of time if it's already happened and fundraising when it happens.

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This T-Shirt painting is the work of the owner. Actually, It was meticulous creative form to reflect for touching in concept "join together to help children tsunami victims" back to the life hope after the missing piece of spiritual.

On 2004-2006 was a period of change in my life. Well, I prayed to the Lord for wisdom with faith. actually, At that time I can was able to choose to spend my time looking for honor, fame and money but i not thing do it. I immediately acted to help the tsunami victims by living with them area Phang Nga Province (Khao Lak) THAILAND. I have undertaken projects including:

Children's Fund Project
2. Project for the stunami victims return to their former occupations
3. Community Public Health Project
4. Children's dental health project
5. Sports project for stunami victims
6. Emergency accident insurance project

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